Thursday, September 27, 2007

12 Reasons I Will Keep K Around For Another 12 Years

Yesterday was our 12th wedding anniversary.

I remember a time when an anniversary, say the 1st or 2nd, even the 3rd one, was something that meant a nice dinner, a gift that wasn't an appliance and something that is unheard of in our current lifestyle; A MOVIE!

Then, sometime during the 3rd and 4th year of wedded bliss, we had a baby. And then, because she was cute, we had another. And another, and another. And like K always says...We should've just stopped with a dog. And then maybe we wouldn't be eating anniversary dinners at a place called Big Sammy's.

This year our anniversary was spent at Urgent Care with Gracie, dinner was grabbed quickly on the way home, and K fell asleep on the couch while we watched Private Practice.

This is the life a bride to be can only dream of.

Back off ladies, 'cause it's all mine.

So, I thought maybe to mark this special occasion, I would come up with a romantic, heartfelt, meaningful letter for my beloved.

But, I have laundry to do and prescriptions to pick up at Walgreens and I am out of Dove bars so I have important things to do today, people. There is no time for a sappy stroll down memory lane. Sappy-ness went right out the window somewhere around kid number 3.

So I have compiled a list of 12 reasons that I look forward to the next 12 years with my husband. And maybe when we've been married 2 dozen years, we can go out to dinner for something other than hot dogs. Don't get me wrong, this is Chicago baby, and I love me some hot dogs, but really. It is a sad day when you pick your dining out choices based on how fast you can get in and out and the sheer quantity of french fries a place includes in their combo meals because you have hungry mouths to feed. And you are tired of spending 27 bucks every time you have fast food.

And yes, this really is my life, so STOP LAUGHING.

Drumroll, please....

  • If I didn't have to pick up K's socks from in front of the couch every morning when I woke up, then my days would really start off badly.
  • If I didn't have to answer the question "Where Is fill in the blank here with anthing K is too lazy to look for?" about 471 times a week, I would seriously wonder what my purpose in life was.
  • I enjoy making homemade, from scratch dinners for my family and when asking K how he likes it, "It's fine" makes all my slaving over a hot stove while refereeing the kids fights and trying to get homework done all while making sure that they are not sneaking snacks out of the pantry, worth it. I love to cook and have things turn out "fine."
  • I do like having someone clean out my car for me.
  • I appreciate someone who can make themselves a sandwich not 3 hours after I've slaved over the above mentioned home cooked meal. Nothing like adding insult to injury.
  • If I wasn't married, I would have the whole bed to myself. But, I'm not bitter.
  • I wouldn't laugh nearly as much, because K makes me laugh every single day. And I love that.
  • I could not handle these 4 monsters children on my own, so really, I am stuck with him.
  • He "gets" me, and that says alot.
  • He still married me, even after he met my mother, and that says a lot, too.
  • He buys me appliances. And really, nothing says I Love You More Every Year like a food saver/vaccum thingy.
  • He pays hard earned money so I can go see Tim McGraw every time he is in town.
  • He loves me.

Okay, so I know that is really thirteen reasons why I will stick it out in this crazy life for another 12 years. But I like to break the rules, sometimes.

And I also was really having trouble counting the bullets on my screen.

And, I'm in love.


Jennifer said...

Happy anniversary.

If it makes you feel any better, we forgot our anniversary one year, somewhere around #6, I believe.

Jenny from Chicago said...

Happy Anniversary you funny girl. That Lucky dog doesn't know how good he has it. If I picked up a pair of my husband's socks he would die from the shock....he's on his own for socks and underwear. Tell K to put that in his pipe and smoke it.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

How is Gracie? What a night!

Girl, your sarcasm makes me giggle!

Happy Anniversary and here is to another 12 with many socks to pick up!

Beth F. said...

Great, great post! I love it!

Beth F. said...

and Happy Anniversary!

Family Adventure said...

Hi Lisa!
I just dropped by. Your post cracked me up, and I can relate to lots of it - the sharing bed thingy, and hubster asking where everything in the world is...a million time a day. Argh!
Thanks for the laugh!
- Heidi
Oh..and Happy Anniversary! We'll be hitting 12 next year.

Ann said...

I just found your blog and I laughed the whole time I was reading your blog. I'm sure to be back now that I found you.....keep us laughing!

Sandra said...

I love this. Happy anniversary and many, many more.