Friday, September 7, 2007

Global Warming, Lindsay in Rehab, War in Iraq, and the Great Pony Tail Debate

Hair Troubles.

Major dilemmas around here today.

I dutifully took all of the kids for back to school haircuts two weeks ago. Had to make the right impression on the first day, you know. Because split ends, long bangs and an outgrown crew cut just aren't the kind of people we are. Oh no, we have it together.

Since that time the question on my mind has been To Cut or Not To Cut?

My friend does hair, she has the cutest salon set up in her basement, complete with the salon-style, foot-pumping chair and a wash bowl with the chair that tips back. So I trucked all the kids over there and as we are talking about their cuts, she says "And what are we doing with your hair?"

Excuse me?

This appointment was for the kids...MY hair is JUST fine. Thank you very much. I am the epitome of style in my mom pony tail and I wear it well.

So, she got me thinking. I mean, I have this dear friend cut my hair every few months and she always gives me a great, sassy, texturized little cut. She blows it out and flips it up and I walk out of her house feeling like a new woman. There is a definite spring in my step when I have a blown out and flipped up new 'do workin'.

And then I go to sleep.

And when I wake there is a bird's nest that looks like it got flattened by a mack truck and then spritzed with some Crisco oil.

It is a flat, knotty, oily mess.

So I shower, and try to do my best blow out. I cannot even attempt the up flipping of the hair as I am curling iron challenged. Then, by the time I get downstairs, make some breakfast for the kids and actually get ready to venture out in public, the hair that was blown out to the best of my ability, has fallen flat.

And out comes the pony tail holder.

And my poor,dear, hair cutting friend with perfect hair...she has to look at my pony tails almost every day. I can only imagine what she is thinking, but "WHY DO I BOTHER?" comes to my mind.

So I ponder...cut or not?

Do I let it grow, hoping that when it is half way down my back I have the long, flowing, bouncy hair of a shampoo commercial girl?

Do I get my same old layered cut, recommit myself to some blow drying discipline and give that a go again?

Or, do I really change things up a bit...ever here of the Pob? Apparently, according to People magazine, it is the Posh Spice Bob...hence the name Pob. Sassy.

I do think, however, that I look pretty good with a bob. I had a good one about, oh, 7 years ago and I've remembered it fondly ever since. The thing with a bob, or a pob for that matter, is that you can't put them in a pony tail. Thus, my number one bad hair day back up plan is no good.

Through the years, hairstyles of the celebrities have not been very kind to me. I was a card carrying member to the Jennifer Aniston hair club in the heyday of Friends, and I've even tried a cute little Meg Ryan number once or twice. The thing is, I don't have Ken Paves on my payroll to follow me around all day doing touch ups. Or even a start up.

I'm feeling it is time for a change. I will contemplate it some more over the weekend. I will meditate and pray on it, and I know that whatever happens...I will probably grow it out until I can get it pulled back in a pony tail.

And the great hair debate will start again.


Mary@notbefore7 said...

Whacha do?

I did the bob thing and LOVE it - just a few weeks ago :)

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Whacha do?

I did the bob thing and LOVE it - just a few weeks ago :)