Monday, September 10, 2007

It Does Not Get Any More Frivolous Than This

I said in my last post that my frivolous ramblings would return this week...and friends, I do not disappoint.

I have plenty more deep, thought-provoking literature, if you will, that I've been working on in my evenings since I have jumped into this blogging hobby had absolutely nothing on TV to watch ALL SUMMER LONG.

However, in light of recent world events last night, and a really delicious watermelon I bought, I am going to just throw all cohesive thoughts to the wind today.

Britney. Need I say more? Honey, I was rooting for you. I really was. I wanted you to come out and nail it last night. I even made my husband turn away from the tivo'd Bears game for a couple minutes to see you. And I felt so bad for you. I know you are probably the only one to blame for all your recent troubles as of late, but I really wanted you to pull this off.

I am probably a little, no a lot, out of your usual fan demographic...but I do appreciate some good dancing. And sadly, last night, there was no good dancing from you. There was not even good lip synching or a great outfit. Now, I was never the type of fan that would buy your album, or even download a song from iTunes, but I would sing at the top of my lungs if Oops, I Did It Again played on my radio. Because, really, with a tune that catchy, how could I not?

I think you need some prayers more than you need all the criticism floating around on the Internet and television right now. And maybe some more rehab? You used to be a good performer. I think the only thing worse in the few minutes I watched the VMAs than your act, was the AWFUL,HORRIBLE,CRUEL,and MEAN Sarah Silverman who called your little boys 'mistakes.' SHAME ON HER.

Okay...since I'm all about cohesive posting today I bring you some photos of the BEST WATERMELON I HAVE EVER TASTED. It was so juicy, so sweet, so perfectly red, so ripe and so DE-LIC-OUS, that I could not possibly use any more upper case letters to describe it. I will just let you see for yourselves. Enjoy!

Oh thank you, Joe Caputo and Sons, the Kings of all things produce. After the Britney fiasco, you've really made my day.


J said...

We just got a Caputo's by us....Yum

Martha said...

I just found your blog, somehow. I LOVE it!!

You are HILARIOUS and I'm in the process of reading the whole thing right now!

Just wanted to say "Hi"!

Kindest Regards,