Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Very Own Tsunami Caused By My Very Own Self

I had an epiphany this weekend. Well, really not an epiphany because I think epiphanies are supposed to be good, heaven sent, light filled, church music playing type moments. So NO, I did not have an epiphany. Because what I did have most certainly was not good. By any stretch of my imagination.

I dove into the pool this weekend, and when I surfaced, the waves had whitecaps.

Yes, they were that big.

So, I will be resuming my never-ending quest for health and fitness sometime this week. Of course, not today, oh no.

I need to have a few days to mentally prepare for getting back on the diet wagon by eating everything in site going shopping for whole and nutiritious foods.

No, the summer has not been good to me in my ongoing quest for health and nutrition. Maybe it was two many trips to the local Dairy Freeze or maybe it was my leaping feet first off the caffeine-free wagon and rediscovering my old friend COKE.

Oh, COKE, how I've enjoyed your refreshing 44 ounces for 89 cents at McD**alds all summer long.

Over a year ago I gave up all pop, and before that I had only been drinking clear pop. And please believe me when I say I was just shy of needing a 12 step program for this. Actually, I probably would've been easier to deal with had I been in a 12 step program.

But somehow, "Hi, My name is Lisa and I'm addicted to Coca-Cola Classic" might have been a little insulting to the other meeting goers who indeed, were probably addicted to something a little bit stronger that my beloved pop.

Yeah, I don't think I would've been well recieved.

But I was addicted. Pop in the morning, noon and night. No coffee. It was all about the pop. And then I started having these chest pains off and on. Honest.To.Goodness.Real.Live.Chest.Pains.

And I got scared.

My doctor told me too much caffeine was the cause of my palpatations. And worrying and obsessing over the palpatations was the cause of my chest pains.

And I was forced to believe her because the stress test and MRI were normal. And at that point, I knew I could not cut back on the caffeine. I had to stop the caffeine.

Because I cannot do anything halfway.

Cutting back on the pop would have led to 'just one more,' all day long. So I quit. And in moments of weakness, or eating pizza, (because really who can eat pizza with anything but a pop or a beer?) I would allow myself a crystal clear, caffeine free, but just as bubbly, clear Sprite. And while it wouldn't completely satisfy, it would do the trick.

And then I don't know what happened.

Okay, I do know exactly what happened. I am a weak. And I'm an idiot.

I went on dream vacation with my husband in June and because I was on dream vacation to dream location I felt I deserved my dream drink. So I ordered myself a can of pop, as soon as I got on the plane. The flight attendant offers me a mimosa, and without hesitation, I said "No, just a can Coke for me, thanks!" I was giddy...not for the trip, but for the ICEY COLD CAN OF COCA-COLA GOODNESS. It was a defining moment in my quest to live a caffeine-free life. Did I mention I am weak?

And I never looked back.

Untill I noticed the surf swell in my pool on Sunday.

So I will take another day or two to psyche myself up, mentally prepare, and warn my husband and kids. And then I will do something about it. Again. And Lord willing, the high tides will recede.


JMom said...

Bless you! You know I feel your pain!!!

J said...

Ha ha ha ha ha haahahah cough cough....::wiping tears from eyes:: That was a great post. It's fun to laugh with other people who have the same addictions although mine is Diet Coke it's still chock full of caffeine.

Mimi's Toes said...

I stopped drinking coke after I visited a High School Science Fair that showed what Coke does to your organs. It really had an affect on me...My beverage of choice is Crystal Lite Raspberry or the peach tea....I know it is hard though when you love something so much and it's so refreshing....

My Wonderful Men... said...

Good luck, I don't drink soda pop and haven't for years, I can't for medical reasons, it doesn't mix with my medication. How lucky I am only water for me. I'll be thinking about you! Good luck to your family haha!!!

Christy. said...

Your post was hysterical! I feel your pain, I am working on giving up my coke too. Our huge Coke is onl 75 cents at the local M*Don*ald's. :0)

Christy said...

LOL! I've been mixing crystal lite with seltzer water or club soda while trying to lose weight. Of course, I've been just a tad off my diet for a few days, and soda and lemonade were my beverages o' choice today. Guess I should get that going again soon...

Nice to meet you!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

HA HA HA! I hate soda...can't stand the bubbles. My hubby had to kick the good ole coke. My vice is tea.

So, how is it going?