Monday, September 3, 2007

Traffic, Lettuce, and Hannah = One Great Labor Day Weekend.

The long weekend is over. And it was such a good one, I hate to see it go.
But all good things must end and that is what makes them so sweet. Thank you Lord, for these good times with my family.

We headed up to my in-laws summer home on Friday evening with all of the other crazy people getting out of town for the weekend. The roads were crammed, the car was crammed, but we were bopping along to the new Hannah Montana CD. And we were having fun. I love my husband more because he can sing along to Hannah as well as any 9 year old.

We even stopped for dinner. A dinner at a small place with a deck overlooking a beautiful sunset on a gorgeous lake. It was an out of body experience. We conversed, we laughed, there was no fighting and the kids stayed in their one point I looked around the table and thought "where is my real family???"

We hardly ever eat out anymore, and for good reason.

I won't mention the flies, the non-existent kids menu or the fact the my nachos actually came with a whole bag of the Fresh Express-type salad mix dumped on them. Seriously, if I'd wanted a salad, I would've said "I'll have a salad." But I was in the mood for nachos. And I was in such a good mood I didn't even seem to care that I got both. I happily just pulled my nacho chips out from under the lettuce pile and enjoyed my dinner.

It's amazing what a little Hannah Montana, out on the open road with the windows down, will do for your soul.

Real life resumes tomorrow.

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