Thursday, October 11, 2007

Breaking News...This Just In

I was gone most of the day today and away from my favorite appendage, the laptop.

And what did I almost miss? Jenny at Chased by Children (Lord, I love that name, because aren't we all?) is having a GIVEAWAY today for a $100 Target gift card, in honor of her 100th post. Congratulations Jenny! I can't believe I almost missed it!

All you have to do to enter is come up with a slogan for a T-shirt that Jenny would wear. You can read all the rules and regs here.

Okay so here is my entry...drum roll please, but really I don't think it's the best I could do but I'm a bit under the gun here. The contest ends at 9pm, central time and it's a busy night here. What with Survivor, Grey's, and all these kids I have that need dinner. But, I digress. Sorry.

My official entry is...If Jenny at Chased by Children wore a slogan tee it would say...

Waitin' on the Freedom Bus

I was gonna go with Let Freedom Ring, or something like that, but it is dinnertime, homework time, bath time, you name it, but whatever it is I don't have a lot of time!

I also thought of something along the lines of

If Jenny at Chased by Children wore a slogan tee it would say...


but whatever. I'm rushing and the creative juices aren't flowing.
All I know is I should win because who else can boil pasta, bathe a 3 year old, quiz a 3rd grader on spelling words, check 4th grade partial sums homework and write this post ALL AT THE SAME TIME?

Me! That's who!

Jenny is a cool chick, a HILARIOUS blogger and if you are not reading her blog you are missing out on laughter in your day. Seriously.


chrissy said...

Wait to go Mama!!!

ValleyGirl said...

Now THAT's multi-tasking!! Impressive! I'll have to check her out.