Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Mary is hosting Tiny Talk Tuesday again today. And as usual, I have plenty of moments 'o joy in which to share. There is never a shortage around here.

My son, Taco age 5, has tubes in his ears but still gets frequent ear infections. On the way to the doctor's office today I was asking him if his ear hurt or what it felt like. It had been draining all night, which is how I knew he had an infection. Apparently he was feeling like there was a bit more than just fluid in his ear because he told me,

"My ear hurts. I'm going to tell the doctor there is water and food in it."

And yes, he sure did.


My baby Gracie was standing in the kitchen watching me make dinner. Nothing fancy, just some sloppy joe's that K had put in a request for. Now, I know sloppy joes are perhaps not the most visually pleasing dish, but they really are not that bad. I think her comment of

"I can't eat that, it looks too bloody"

was a little extreme. I mean, she said 'too bloody' which would imply the food we normally eat is just 'mildly bloody.'
Either way, gross.

My oldest daughter, Fiona, went to a sleepover on Saturday night. Her best friend has a twin brother so they had a full day at his football game and team Halloween party that evening and even managed to get a little bit of TPing done during this Halloween party. I never did get a straight answer as to what time she went to bed.

Moments before I took this picture, in the midst of a minor disagreement, she swore to me that she "WAS NOT TIRED!"

And she was not a bit crabby, either.


Thanks for hosting, Mary!


Family Adventure said...

Super cute stories. I especially like Taco's take on his ear infection. Poor guy - glad that this is something they eventually grow out of! :)
- Heidi

kddub said...

maybe he did have food in there?? My son has stuck rasins in his ears before... ha ha... Hope the doctors reaction was well!

My oldest will never admit that he's tired either!

Lori said...

Very cute! I love the things kids say.

I especially like the one about the water and food in my ear.
Beings theres water in there must be food in there too. hehehe

I agree kids never admitt that they are tired.

Ami said...

Well, sloppy joes aren't too pretty to the eye, but bloody...hmm....

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Too cute!

Karen MEG said...

Oh, your kids are adorable! Thanks for popping by my blog too.

Nikki said...

Hi there - I just stumbled across your post about re-organising your laundry instead of actually doing the laundry.

I am in love with you!! There is another organising freak out there who will gladly neglect things that actually need doing to do things that are 'more fun'! And who will waste money quite happily, so long as things match (I just bought 2 new complete dinner sets because I wanted smaller plates. There is nothing wrong with my current dinner sets, which I bought last year when I decided I wanted bigger plates!!) My poor husband works his hyney (polite Australian word for bottom!) off to pay for my foibles!!!!

Yes, but we are so worth it....

Keep up the good work - there are people out there who notice and appreciate colour-coded and size-matched knick-knack containers in the laundry, expecially ones that have been hand-stamped!

onemotherslove said...

HA! How funny that she was not tired... or crabby!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Food and water? WOW! That was cute.

Love the pic of your not tired child.

Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

The latest in modern storage... a five-year-old's ear! That's hilarious! Blessings.

FernandoDownUnder said...

cracking me up! It is truly amazing that children are NEVER tired even when they so obviously are. :)

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Your kids must get their humor from you. VERY funny!