Tuesday, October 30, 2007

You Can Not Know How Happy My Heart Is With These Two Prints Hanging

Lara, the Lazy Organizer, is hosting Talk About Tuesday today. It's similar to a show and tell, and I've been trying to think of something to come up with that I could contribute.

And I came up with nothing.
But then, my husband K finally got around to hanging some pictures for me. After I just wrote about how he is rather lacking in the picture hanging department, leaving me to lean photos against my wall, he went and hung something.
Since he actually made the effort, I thought I should share his accomplishment with you. Guess I should not have been so quick to criticize his lack of level-ness in the area of wall decor.
Because this time, he even used a level.
Nothing makes my heart go pitter-patter quite like a man using a level.
Because I love LEVEL.

Look at all that beautiful, LEVEL, gloriousness.

So here they are. Two prints that I bought on my recent trip to Hawaii. I love them. I have been looking for something for 4 years to fill this long, empty, red wall that I have running thru the WHOLE LENGTH OF MY HOUSE.
It has given me many years of anxiety. It has caused my OCD to kick into overdrive whenever I have seen something that might, maybe, possibly, could be considered as a candidate for THE EMPTY RED WALL.
I really think my friends and family members are probably more happy than I am that these prints are finally up because they are sick and tired of hearing about THE EMPTY RED WALL, Every. Single. Time. they come over.
Because I can be obsessive like that.
Anyway, the prints are perfect because they are paintings of signs pointing in all different directions to places we visited during a recent trip to Oahu. Some places are well known, some are hidden gems, but we saw almost all of them. We stumbled upon these prints in a small shop in Kailua, the town we were staying in, and knew they were the perfect souvenir of our trip. Because, we had visited every place but one on the little signs. AND THEY WERE PERFECT FOR THE RED WALL.
So really, even if we had only been to one, or none, of the locations featured on the print, we still would've bought them anyway.
Because I will make sacrifices like that in the name of home decor.

I am not much of a souvenir-y person. I would rather have some shells or a rock or a photo, even a napkin from a trip than, say, a shot glass.
Or a little spoon. Or a T Shirt from a place that sells 4 t-shirts for JUST 20 DOLLARS.
Those things don't look quiet as nice displayed under my bell jars.
So yes, I bring home some different things from my travels. The last time I was in Mexico, I brought home a whole family of ivory and fish bone elephants. And I display them proudly. Indeed.

But this post is about my new prints. Hung by my husband. With a LEVEL.
Here's a close up of the actual prints.

And here they are, side by side. And yes, they are even illuminated. Because we have had lights on that wall installed and ready to go for FOUR YEARS while we have been looking for something to actually, Illuminate.
And I think we've finally found them.

Because did I mention that the EMPTINESS of the RED WALL was driving me crazy?

(Please ignore the unpainted electrical socket, I've just realized upon seeing this picture just how bad that really looks.)


Kristy said...

I love those prints - they're beautiful! They look wonderful.

Jen said...

It looks great! I used to have a red wall in my old house, your red is so pretty it makes me want to paint one in this house.

Christine Rockwell said...

I LOVE the prints! LOVE the red, and the lighting. And I LOOOOOVE THE LEVEL LOVELINESS!!!! Congrats! ;-)

The Lazy Organizer said...

Yay for the empty red wall that's not empty anymore! Yay for husbands who know how to use a level! It's beautiful!

Family Adventure said...

The prints look awesome, but I'm really loving the red wall. Seriously!

And, totally off topic, how come every Hawaiian island has a Kailua? Are they intentionally trying to confuse us?

Your husband did good. :)


Martha said...

Ooooo! I like it!

The lighting looks incredible, too.

Hey - I've heard somewhere that it's Autumn. Was it on this blog?

Ha ahaaaaa


Rebecca said...

So you had an empty red wall, did I hear that right? ;) The prints are great & hubby did a great job!

ValleyGirl said...

Those pictures are beautiful!!! I was all ready to ask you to post close-ups when I scrolled down to read the rest of the post and saw them. What a great souvenir!! And they look absolutely perfect (and level) on your long red wall!!

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

Okay, we are the same person, you and I. What with all the OCDing and the worrying about the OCDing. Seriously.

Love the prints - they look great!

Jul said...

Thank the heavens above the Red wall is no longer just the long red wall. It is the red wall with the fabulous pictures from Hawaii!!!!


Amber said...

i love those prints, and it's great that they have meaning!

Corrie said...

Level rocks! THey look very good on that red wall.

Darcy said...

Love that red wall! I decorate with a lot of red accents...it's just such a happy color. I think the prints look great!

kari said...

Hi Lisa! I love the prints, they look great. The lighting really makes them pop. Our living room has a huge vaulted ceiling and we have a big old empty wall that drives me nuts. It's hard to find something that big (that I can afford) to hang there. Glad you have your prints up, it's especially fun since they have personal meaning for you with your trip.

Melinda said...

That looks really good. I like the red wall with the lighting on it. Those prints go really well.


Kelly said...

Love the prints. Love the red wall.

Would love another trip to Hawaii to collect some prints of my own.

Can you help with that?

Mimi's Toes said...

That is my favorite wall color...and the prints go great. I colored my hair a new color last night and it almost matches your wall...

Cocoa said...

They go great with the deep red color too!

PLO said...

I am so jealous. I have the long empty "yellow" wall. My dream is to have many family portraits...it will never happen. I love the prints, especially the one with the skull! Of course. You rock girlfriend!

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

You have what, four children, and you could not think of ANYTHING to put on the Big Red Wall? I'm certain that if you had consulted with the young artists, they could have hooked you up with some immediate art. I'm getting a vision of ... chalk. Yep, a whole lotta chalk on that Big Red Wall.

Kellan said...

I love those prints too and I love how they fill up a "previously empty red wall"! They are great - really. What a find. See ya.

Jen @ JenuineJen said...

Yea! I'm glad you filled your empty red wall. The prints look really nie.

An Ordinary Mom said...

It looks perfect ... positively perfect!

Sandra said...

I love seeing things around me every day that remind me of a special event. I know these will bring back happy memories every time you walk down the long red hall.