Friday, November 16, 2007

Here you go Heidi. I bet you thought I forgot.

Nope. I didn't forget.
The other day I did the 5 Interesting Things meme that Chrissy had tagged me for.
I didn't mention that just a few days after Chrissy had tagged me, my friend Heidi tagged me for a 7 random things meme. And I am just now getting to it. I couldn't do Chrissy's without doing Heidi's, and vice versa.
(Or Vicey Versy as my daughter says. Okay, I say it too. Sometimes.)
I am thrilled to be tagged, anytime. It's like being elected to the Homecoming court. Which, I never was. But if I had been, I think it would feel pretty exciting...just like I feel when someone actually thinks of ME! on their blog.
And while I am always thrilled to be tagged, it is the actual doing of the tag that I seem to be struggling with. I'll work on it. Sorry again Chrissy and Heidi. I have no excuse, I think it was a simple case of so many meme's, so little time.

And now I have the added pressure of knowing that Martha reads my blog even before she reads P-Dubs blog everyday (thank you, thank you) and OH MY GOODNESS THAT IS A LOT OF PRESSURE TRYING TO START MARTHA'S MORNING OFF WITH A LAUGH.

So without further ado, seven, highly random, things about me.

1. I am deathly afraid of flying. I am a wreck for days before I fly. I clutch a bible and wrap a rosary around my clenched fists. My heart pounds wildly, and I feel nauseous. I have been known to take a few Klonopins during a flight, but my kids don't always care that I'm a nervous wreck. So being unconscious is not always convenient. They need GUM MOM! MY EARS HURT MOM! ARE WE THERE YET MOM?! All while I am in the midst of my panic attack and their father is sleeping like a baby. Then when I safely arrive at my destination, and I always do, I spend the entire trip worried about the flight home. I am a pleasure to travel with.

2. I love a good road trip. 4 hours or 4 days, it doesn't matter. Hitting the road is fun to me. See number 1.

3. My car is always a mess. It drives K crazy. Somehow my front passenger seat is a dumping ground for toys, coats, school papers, mail, library books, whatever. Not to mention the healthy assortment of fast food garbage. I just cannot keep the car clean.

4. I love Survivor on Thursday nights. I've been watching it since the 1st one and I enjoy every single season. I love the challenges, the strategy, the backstabbing. It's a show I can sit back and watch, have a laugh, and not really have to think to hard.

5. I love to eat at Cracker Barrel. And Sonic. And Krystal. Not that I live near any of these places any more. But whenever I am near one, I have to work it in. I love the chicken and dumplings at Cracker Barrel, the tater tots at Sonic and just the straight up cheese Krystal. I think it's much better than a White Castle burger.

Another three reasons to love a good road trip.

6. I have mentioned before that I love Coke. I am addicted to Coke, it's a fact. What I have never mentioned is that I have driven almost 2 hours out of my way to order a Jumbo Cherry Coke from the Cone Palace in Kokomo, Indiana.

I don't know what it is about Indiana and their flavored cokes, but if I had a reason to move to Kokomo, I totally would.

This Jumbo Cherry Coke is 44 oz. of love in a beautiful styrofoam cup, with the perfect little chippy ice and the cherry, oh my word, real cherry syrup and cherries FLOATING ON TOP OF THE COKE. But truly, we have decided that it is the combination of the cup and the perfect ice that makes us drive two hours out of our way for these babies. The Cherry Coke is my tried and true favorite, I never get anything else. K alternates between Banana Coke, Pineapple Coke, and Vanilla Coke.

Those Hoosiers are serious about their flavored cokes.

7. I will only drink bottled water. Preferably Voss. I know, I know. Bottled water companies are scamming us and it's really just tap water. I've seen World News Tonight. But to me, it just seems cleaner. Weird. Silly. Nonsense. But even so, it just tastes better to me. Especially Voss. You may know it as The Most Expensive Bottle of Water They Sell at Target. But I love it. I honestly feel like I can taste a difference. What I love most about Voss is the bottle. The opening is larger, wider if you will, than your average bottle. Why this matters to me, I have no idea. Clearly, I have some issues, but you probably had figured that out if you read number 6.

As with all meme's I am supposed to tag 7 people for this 7 Random Things Meme. 7's a lot.
How about just three? That is almost half of seven. And it's the best I can do right now.
Three special, lucky ladies to share 7 random things about themselves.
Jul! Tammi! Martha! It's you. You're up! Have Fun!

No meme's next week. I promise.


ValleyGirl said...

Oh Lisa, you're so much more interesting than I am! These things always freak me out because I'm pretty sure I'm the most boring person ever. My sister-in-law is coming out for the weekend; I'm sure she'll be able to help me think of some notable idiosyncrasies, haha!!!

Cindy said...

YOu make me laugh.
If you ever come down south in Hoosier land, I'll treat you to a cherry coke. ;)

Jul said...

Done with my 7 things- thanks for giving me something to distract me today as I am not into the whole working thing today...


new diva on the blog said...

How is it that when a man gets on a plane he is instantly asleep? Moreover, how can he be instantly asleep when he knows his traveling companion is a little less than totally at ease with the whole flying thing. It is a mystery. However, it is probably best if you and I never have to fly together, I think it would not be pretty.

My cousin who is really more like my sister lives in Kokomo and so do her parents, my uncle and aunt. Great reasons to move there. They are lovely people. Next time I visit I'll bring you a cherry coke. It will probably be flat by the time you get it, but it's the thought that counts right?

Mary@notbefore7 said...

YOU crack me up! I can't stand soda and can't imagine driving hours to consume one...YUCK!

As for flying..well, at least you will do it :)

chrissy said...

I am one of those that get on the plane and fall asleep before we take off, a minute to rest!! Voss bottled water, huh, I'll have to try it!!

Family Adventure said...

Good meme. Thanks for playing :)


Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

I am so with you on #6! Sadly, I'm not drinking Cokes right now. :-(

missbecky75 said...

Ok, now I know you are serious about your road trips! First, the road trip to get the red bins from Walmart a state away and now 2 hour drive for coke? It's a good thing you like a good drive! :)

Flying has never bothered me. When I was little my dad had a private pilot's license and I remember flying a lot.

As always, you're a hoot! Love learning more about you! :)

Martha said...

Thanks so much for that Cherry Coke visual. I've been craving one ever since I read your list. You know what I made last night? Pepsi with grenadine. Blech! Looks like a road trip to Indiana is in order!!
You CRACK ME UP, Sistah!!