Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bear with me, I'm HTML challenged

So with this new blog design has come a few problems. The biggest one being that when the blog was viewed on Firefox, it looked horrible. It may have looked horrible on other browsers too, I just only was able to view it on Internet Explorer and Firefox. I really like how it looked on IE, but on firefox it was missing my whole middle column. The posts were in brown on a brown background. And the links? They were bright, screamy, neon blue.

This put me in a panic.

I felt my eyelid begin to twitch and my neck got all scratchy. I even sent off a desperate email to my friend Jul, who knows that in real life I am not a fan of bright, screamy, neon blue.

But the links on firefox? They are still blue. Jennisa was able to fix the brown on brown look for me, but I have no idea about the links. Please know if you are reading on firefox, the blue links should not be blue.

I ask you to not judge me by my neon linkage.

I would love to get my middle column back too, and use the chocolate brown for the border, but that seems to be beyond the scope of my html knowledge.

I would work on it a little more extensively tonight, but with the TV writers on strike and all, I have found myself watching National Lampoon's European Vacation. And I am laughing. And fondly remembering my purple jelly shoes. And that I used to say "That's so rank."

So I ask again, TV writers please end this strike. Now.

Before I am forced to rekindle my former viewing relationship with the American Gladiators.

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chickadee said...

on firefox now the background is subdued. i like it. i can read it. the neon blue does not make me cringe. i'll still keep you as a friend even with neon.

Pedaling said...

I like it - it's fresh & origional, very nice.

so, i'll put you down for the brown one - i think i like that one a bit more as well.

now, for survivor talk - so, your going with Denise? - yeah, i like her - i'd be ok with her taking the prize - but, i'll stick with todd for now - maybe they'll be the final two - i really should have posted my weekly thought after last weeks episode - but honestly right now i'm a bit behind and am trying to control by blogging - seriously - i still don't have my tree up - can you believe that?!
have a good day!

FernandoDownUnder said...

Thankfully I'm using IE. Everything looks just dandy to me.

I used to say "That's so rank." too! :)

ValleyGirl said...

Ahhhh, American Gladiators... how long has it been since I've seen that show? I think that was one of the shows hubby and his brother used to watch all the time while hubby and I were dating. That's the only reason I can think of that I distinctly remember that show!! Those were the days...

Your HTML troubles have inspired me to be happy with plain ol' Blogger!!

Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

I'm on firefox and I will admit I was a bit surprised. I remember thinking, hmmm, I know I don't KNOW Lisa, but this is different than what I would expect from her. It still looked, fine, though. HOWEVER, I am loving it a whole lot more today! Even with the blue. The blue does not shout at me today. And the whole scheme, well, this is more what I would have thought you would have chosen... so I guess I do know you a little bit after all! :)

Mommi Tutu said...

I LOVE the new look - very homey and hip!
And I hear they're coming out with a NEW version of American Gladiators . . .we used to watch that every weekend as a kid (it was on on the weekend, right? Or was that WWF Wrestling? My childhood is so far away these days!) and I'm so geekily excited to see this newer version - Oh Yeah - the giant Q-Tips of Doom!

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

Very good facelift.

And on the writer's strike - IT MUST END, I TELL YOU! I tivo all my shows and exercise to them the morning after. If I have no shows, I will be forced to stop exercising (or watch something lame like reality tv, which makes exercising painful) and I refuse to do it. For the sake of my body, they must END THE STRIKE!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Wow. That's a huge improvement. Thanks for taking pity on me and my nearing-old-age eyes.

And for the record, I don't think the blue is rank. It's righteous and wicked at the same time. Plus, neon is so 80s, dude.

I'll stop now.

Kellan said...

Your site looks great, but I'm sorry you are having difficulties. I wish I had some advise, but I am clueless about any of this stuff - just look at my boring site. Good luck getting it all figured out. See you soon. Kellan

Family Adventure said...

'course you already know that your site rocks on IE, so I'm happy and not judging you. Except that you mentioned National Lampoon, so now I may be judging you a teeny, tiny bit.

All righty, then. I'll still like you!

Heidi :)

Jul said...

It looks great- you gave me the itch to change my blog a bit :)