Thursday, December 20, 2007

I've been shopping and I may have even picked up a little something for you

Did you think I went out to do my Christmas shopping and was never to be heard from again?

No, I am still here. And I'm not yet done with the shopping. Just 4 more stores. And that's it. I swear.

Really, that will have to be it because I am almost out of money. Seriously, have you seen the price of Legos lately?

I can't even blog it, because then K will see. And I'll be in a bit of trouble. It seems as though the mortgage company doesn't care that it is Christmas.

Anyway, my 100th post is rapidly approaching.

I could do the traditional 100 things about me post to mark the occasion, or I could spare us all a ride on a train bound for boredom and kick it up a notch.

I could have a giveaway. Or a contest.

Or I could just tell you all that I had a mighty nice email from the P-Dub herself and I am indeed going to do something fun.

And giveaway something pretty great.

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ValleyGirl said...

Ooooo, I can hardly wait to find out what it is!!! You got an email from P-DUB?! Wow, that makes you almost famous!!!!!

chickadee said...

details please. how did you get to talk to pioneer woman on the email?

chrissy said...

I hope you are back from Christmas shopping soon!! You need help wrapping those gifts, I am on my way!!!! Oh wait I have to work, sorry, Happy wrapping anyway!!

Martha said...


OHMYGOD!!!!! I want to hear ALL about it!!!!!


Mom of 2 little princesses said...

i was afraid you were locked in the mall . . . good to read from you - and let's face it - a list from you is NEVER boring. but a giveaway is fun, too! :)

Queen B said...

Oh my!! Such big news! You must give us more info than that!! Can't wait to see what your fun surprise will be!!

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

You know THE P-Dub? How is it possible? Do share...I've been stalking her blog for months. LOVE her!

Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

The Pioneer Woman HERSELF!!??? Oh, I'm so glad I'm your friend!

Fill us in, girl!

Darcy said...

Yes, we must know the details of you and the Pioneer Woman!! You have me so curious about your giveaway. I am going to be checking your blog from my in-law's computer when we are there next week! I wouldn't want to miss out!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Don't forget the little people, those of us who knew you when.

(Because we are the ones E! will interview when you reach the peak of fame and fortune.)

Mary@notbefore7 said...

An email from someone famous...makes you famous via connection, right?

SO FUN! She rocks!

Hoping this giveaway will rock too and I will win it. Someone was just talking about that cocomotion the other day...thought of you...thought you should send me one :) BWHAHAHA! (yes, health has started to return to my house and I am just so darn giddy!)