Sunday, December 30, 2007

We Interrupt This Holiday Blogging Break To Bring You Random Thoughts Floating Around In My Son's Head

It was late, the open highway stretched out in front of us, the car was quiet, and all three girls were asleep. But one little boy was awake. A little boy whose 5 year old mind was still working, despite the late hour. A little boy who evidently watches way too much TV, and even worse, apparently pays close attention to commercials.


"Hey Mom?"

Keep in mind that my son will not speak unless you acknowledge the fact that he has your undivided attention.

"You should get a Life Alert."

Now I turned around to look at him. He had my attention.

"You should get a Life Alert in case you have a Serious Fall. Or a fire."

Ummm, okay. Go on.

"If you have a Serious Fall, you can press your button on Life Alert and an ambulance will zoom right to get you."

Okay honey, try to close your eyes now. It's late.

"Mom? What if you have a Serious Fall? What if there is a fire? You need a Life Alert."

Sure honey. Maybe when I'm older, if I'm all by myself. You can get me a Life Alert then if it will make you feel better.

"Mom, Serious Falls can happen to old people. You know, people that are old that get smaller? You really should get a Life Alert."

Do you think I remind him of the old lady who has fallen and can't get up? Because I may be getting older, but I definitely am not getting smaller.

I prefer to think he just really loves me. And cares about me. And is looking out for me. And why are they showing Life Alert commercials during Tom and Jerry on the Boomerang network? Are Life Alert customers really in the Tom and Jerry watching demographic?

K laughed and laughed. I guess I know what I'm getting for my birthday this year.

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JanMary said...

I would stick with the "It's cos he loves me" and try not the think about the alternatives! Thanks for the break in the blogging break to share.

SnapHappyInkyMomma said...

How cute is he?

My son gets sucked into those commercials that start with "ATTENTION . . ." or "We have an important message . . . " -- [random sales pitch to follow] He'll get me from another room, telling me that there's something very important on the tv.

Happy New Year to you!

Amy said...

It's gotta be because he loves you. Isn't it amazing what they pick up on? Happy New Year!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I'm thinking a Life Alert might be more practical than the Chia pets my kids are after. That, or the Floam that we got for Christmas last year that they wouldn't even get out of the container because it smelled so bad and it was "icky." But all that is forgotten now.

Personally, the more non-commercial Noggin that's on in our house, the better. I love that option!

chickadee said...

i remember those i've fallen and i can't get up commercials. we used to make so much fun of those. seems like that was just a few years ago and now i'm close to needing my own life alert system.

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

Your five year old and mine should get together. My kids all wanted me to get that. They're suckers for products infomercials.

chrissy said...

He loves you!!! OK but this has to be a "boy thing" because I can remember my son has always been able to repeat back commercials and tell us how great they were and the prices!! I do remember the time he told the Nurse at his Peditrician's office, about 5 then, the soloflex and what it could do and how great it was and something about 4 easy payments of some monetary amount!!

Queen B said...

Well that's just sweet. I love it when my daughter channels Billy Mays and throws in a "But Wait!" or "There's More!" when bargaining and negotiating. Definitely too much TV.

Martha said...

Awwwww, that sweet little Taco better WATCH IT MISTER! ha haaaa!


Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

So cute! And how sweet that he wants to take care of you!

Family Adventure said...

OF COURSE it's because he loves you. Duh!

Have a wonderful, healthful and joyful New Year, Lisa!

Heidi :)

Pedaling said...

Happy New Year to you - We just returned from our little party night out - Bunko sounds like a fun idea - i love that game.

about the blurb - it is a bit frustrating - i think i've started 3 books trying to get it right - but, i think i'm starting to figure it out.

Holly said...

HeeHee! How sweet of him to worry! Now if starts asking if you need a walk-in shower/tub (the ones with the door and rail) he's really going to be in trouble! :)

PLO said...

I too have been concerned for you and wish you would get a life alert. Maybe you should get a clapper as well, and a chia pet.