Saturday, December 1, 2007

We may have been dashing thru the snow in a two horse open sleigh, but we definitely were not laughing all the way

We are in the middle of an ice storm here. And so of course we picked today to trek out to a Christmas tree farm in the middle of nowhere. And get dropped off in the middle of a field by a two horse open sleigh.

It was a family memory worthy of its very own Christmas carol.
I kid you not.

And after being gone all day on this merry holiday adventure filled with joy and quality family time where absolutely no one cried, whined or fell down in the snow, would you even believe me if I told you that we did not even come back with a Christmas tree?

Well please do.

Believe me, that is.

Because I kid you not.

How does a family drive to a Christmas tree farm in the middle of nowhere, ride out to the field full of Christmas trees just ripe for the picking and come home with no Christmas tree?

The fact that the dad of this family realized he had no gloves when they got out to the middle of this field may or may not have had something to do with it.

But I'll let you know on Monday. Because right now, the memories, they are still too fresh. And painful.

So I've been home all evening, and I had plans to be decorating the tree. Since those plans kinda fell thru, I have spent the night aimlessly surfing the web.

And I am so sorry to here that Lindsay Lohan and her latest boyfriend have broken up.

And if Jessica Simpson says she has not had any injections done to her lips, then I believe her.

I did however stumble upon this and I thought I'd perhaps like to play along too.

1.) State the name of your blog, your real name or your online name, and link to your "about me" page. My name is Lisa, and this is my blog Take 90 West. My "about me" page is a little bit lacking, but there is no shortage of mundane and useless information about me within the archives of this blog.

2.) Say you want to be profiled on BlogHer as a family blogger and link back to this Me and Mine 100 original post. I do and I did.

3.) Tell how long you've been blogging. I've been blogging since August 2007.

4.) Pass this meme on to three other bloggers that you think should be profiled/interviewed, and ask them to do the meme. I don't think I can pick just three, because all of the people I know that read my blog are really cool. So if you think you'd like to be profiled on BlogHer then do this meme.


Martha said...

Oh. My. Gosh.

Totally sounds like something I'd do: get out in the middle of nowhere and find I didn't have the saw (or gloves).

Didja get any scoop about Britney in your surfing?

Have a great day :)


Mom of 2 little princesses said...

I truly can't believe it

1. a sleigh and horses? might be worth the drive from indiana!

2. seriously? no tree?
i would be BITTER.


Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Oh I can't wait to hear how you came back from a tree farm without a tree. Should be a good tale...

Jul said...

We just watched Christmas Vacation so this was sooo funy to read!!