Thursday, January 3, 2008

Do you think Suzanne Sugarbaker ever went bowling? And more importantly, would she have used Blogger or Wordpress?

So, it's a new year and I'm trying to get back to blogging regularly. It was nice to have a break from feeling like I needed to post everyday, but at the same time I sometimes felt a bit stressed, like I needed to get my thoughts out before my head exploded.

I will say that my house has been noticeably cleaner, the laundry is (almost) done and put away, and there are groceries in the pantry thanks to all the extra time I've had on my hands while staying away from the computer.

My holiday decorations are still up, we are still enjoying our lit tree in the evenings, but it will have to go soon as I am getting a little antsy over all of the Christmas clutter that seems to cover every flat surface.

I took the kids bowling yesterday. I know that many things improve with age, but my bowling skills have not. I am one awful bowler. And I can't figure out why. I always manage to get eight or 9 pins down on the my first turn and then I can never pick up the spare. EVER. Those one or two pins are just left standing there as my ball rolls on by. So I admit it, I did get beat by a nine year old. I guess I'll just have to be okay with that.

I also am struggling with blogger. I managed to figure out how to download a three column blogger template, but other parts are giving me trouble. I am still too nervous to leave my safe and easy home here at blogger and switch to the unknown, or Wordpress as it's called, even though I've been practicing and I have to say that auto-post rocks. So, I'm kind of at a standstill with that whole decision.

It is funny how I can walk into a store and know instantly which, for example couch, I like, but where to blog is really causing me to loose sleep? Why is that? I can see a couch as soon as I walk in to a furniture store, know it's the one I want, browse the whole store, and go back to my original selection. Not that, you know, I've been out shopping for couches lately. But if I was? Well then, that is how I do it.

And why exactly am I rambling on about couches? Who knows. Maybe I ended the blogging break a little too soon.

I am wondering how you all are doing? Anyone else ready for the holidays to be over and routines to return to normal, even if means setting an alarm clock? I'm ready, but I have enjoyed not setting the alarm for almost two weeks.

Believe it or not, somehow my kids have been sleeping late every day. Until almost ten o'clock in the morning. Yes, I know! Where are my real children? But I'm not complaining. At all. Because you know who else has been sleeping until ten o'clock everyday right along with them?

Me, that's who! And if I could just wake up, flip on the television, order a pizza and lay around until noon watching reruns of Designing Women while procrastinating on some studying I should be doing, I'd swear it was 1992 and I was back in college.

But these kids of mine? They sleep till ten and then they get up and need to eat. And they don't really enjoy sitting down with a pizza to a good episode of Designing Women like I do. So we go bowling instead.

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Leigh said...

I am totally ready to get back into my routine...if my routine could include sleeping in. Maybe I could make a new routine? I might just work on that! I've got my decorations halfway down, I'm edging closer and closer to normalcy. (Well, as close to normal as we get around here.)

The Autumn Dahlia said...

I was sitting on the couch on NY Day and realized that every, single suface in our house had something on it. So I went buck nuts and nixed Christmas where it stood. I love my tabletops again :)

SnapHappyInkyMomma said...

We are back to our routines here. School started up yesterday, and they went off on the bus like there'd been no week and a half break. It's absolutely freezing here, so I'm really loving taking the puppy out four thousand, eight hundred and twelve times a day!

Have a terrific day!

Amy said...

I got rid on the Christmas on New Year's Eve because it was driving me bonkers. I will say that putting the decorations away also caused me to go into a cleaning frenzy and our home has never been so dust free (at least for a day or two!)

Sister Honey Bunch said...

I am thrilled when my 5 year old sleeps until 7:30 on the weekend. I don't know how I would handle another 3 hours. That's crazy.

My son is back in school today. Not sure why they went back on a Thursday, but he's there and I'm back at work. Our normal routine has returned and that makes me very happy.

(And I'm also an awful bowler)

chrissy said...

I am looking forward to getting everyone back on some sort of routine! I want to take down the Christmas decorations but, every time I think about it it makes me tired and grouchy, I also want to clean my house, maybe I'll get to it today! I wish I had it together like you, wow you have accomplished a ton!!

gordostyle said...

You crack me up! And, let it be said...that we're all glad you're back in the blogging routine!


Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

I can't wait to get back to routine! This holiday stuff is too stressful for me... or maybe it's that all my kids are home all day for two weeks? Either way... back to routine, please!

chickadee said...

i'm having the same issues. and i'd like for someone to just tell me what to do. should i get my own domain right now and get all set up or just wait and stick it all out with free blogger since i'm not really making any money in this whole project anyway?

Family Adventure said...

My kids have been sleeping in, too. But I'm not surprised, as they have been staying UP at night. Argh. Except tonight, which I just finished blogging about!

Can't give you any advice on the Wordpress issue ... I am a novice blogger myself :)


Kelly @ Love Well said...

The Christmas decorations are put away.

The baby's nursery is almost completed.

The kids are staying up too late and sleeping until 8:00 AM or later. (School will come as a rude shock on Monday.)

And yet, I'm still going crazy. I think it's called "cabin fever."

PLO said...

I have been slowly taking down the Christmas deco's as well...I still have the tree up, because I love seeing it lit in the evenings.

Darcy said...

I took down all of our Christmas decorations 2 days before New Year's, except for the kid's tree. That is a first for me! I just needed things to get back to normal around here. December was just too busy for me.

I am so jealous that your kids sleep till 10:00! Elle and I could sleep that long for sure but Thomas and Ava are up before the sun.

Org Junkie said...

I made the switch from Blogger to Wordpress not that long ago and so far am loving it with no regrets.

Holly said...

Suzanne Sugarbaker would have sent the kids bowling with Consuela. TV just isn't the same after Designing Women.
I'm ready for pre-K to start again--even if it's only a few hours. :)