Thursday, January 24, 2008

Unlike the Golden Globes, This Award Show Will Go On

Look! Somebody thinks I'm Excellent!

Nope, it's not Bill and's Stacie!

And I can't thank her enough. Blog awards are fun, to receive and to pass on. And to get this award this week, of all weeks...well, it makes me want to put a little bit more effort into the blog than I have this week.

Because trying to post this week has been a struggle. I have been in a bit of a writing slump. A fog. A haze. A bit of writers block.

In other words...I got nothin'.

But not today. Today I get to pass this Excellent! award on to 10 blogs that I think are excellent in their own special way.

So, in no particular order, and without any further ado...

MOTY! Come on down! Moty has a new blog and she is an amazing digiscrapper. She just recently posted this layout, and I tell ya', the girl has the whole Photoshop thing goin' on. I would love to see more of her mad skillz in action.

And while I'm in the category of digiscrapping, which I have absolutely NO IDEA how to even start, but really admire the pages these ladies create I would also like to award SnapHappyInkyMomma and Janmary. They to, are fantastic digiscrappers. I sit and read their blogs and admire their pages and imagine how caught up and full my scrapbooks would be if I to, went digital. I mean, surely I could keep on top of the whole scrapbooking thing if I was sitting in front of the computer. I happen to have a lot of talent in that area.

My blog is Excellent!, remember?

Another talented lady whose blog I think is excellent is the fabulous PLO. PLO is one talented chick. She is vintage and retro and hip and crafty and a million other things, but she is mostly FUN! She is into art and creating through all different types of mediums, from beads, to vintage papers, to scrapbooks, and much more. Her art is her expression of herself and it is beautiful.

(Whoa baby! Don't I sound artsy? 'Mediums'...It almost sounds like I know what I'm talking about.)

If you are looking for an excellent blog read, you should check out Jenny from Chicago. Jenny blogs at Chased by Children and she cracks me up. She lives, literally, just up the road from me, and yet we've never met. But someday soon, I hope we do. And I'll have to wear a Depends when I meet this chick, because I think I'll be laughing A Lot. Jenny is funny and clever and quick and smart. Who loves ya baby?

Another blog I read, who also happens to live super close to me, yet I wouldn't know her if I walked right by her in Target, is the New Diva on the Blog. She is beautiful and funny and so sweet. And have I mentioned she is beautiful? I think it's because of her sweet personality and also because she does this thing, you may have heard of it, it's called working out? It's not something I'm all that familiar with, but whatever. up for the Excellent award is Holly, the Marathon Bird. Holly is seriously into running and she just finished her first marathon. Amazing. Did I tell you guys I walked the new puppy around the block last week? I sure did. Anyway, Holly's sweetness comes through on her blog and I think she is great. She makes me laugh and I feel like she's the kind of person you could meet in real life and it would feel as though you were old friends. She's just that great.

Mary! I think you are most excellent! Mary is an amazing mom and an amazing Christian. She writes so eloquently and so honestly about trying to live her life and be a good Christian woman, she writes of home and faith and setting good examples and sometimes I think I learn more from her posts than I do at church. She speaks to my heart, this girl. Mary can post anything from reading the Bible all the way through, to her newest bling, to a no-sew craft. And she can rap out the Beastie Boys like it's 1989. We love the same type of music, from the Beastie Boys to Brad Paisley and I just love Mary!

Have you ever been on a Viking Conquest? Heidi and her family are on one right now, and it has been so fun to follow their journey. Heidi and Mike are the cool parents I wished I had when I was growing up, you know the kind that take you skiing, instead of to school? Heidi would be so fun to hang out with and she is definitely my kind of mom.

And last, but in no way the least is one of my favorites, The Queen B. The Queen is laugh out loud funny. She takes care of the King and Princess, and their menagerie of animals and somehow she makes her everyday life sound like a funny sitcom. And not like The Office funny, either. I mean a really funny show, like back in the eighties and nineties when 30-minute sitcoms were FUNNY. That is the kind of funny that is The Queen and her palace.

That's all! I wish I could've just put every blog I read up, but the rules say 10, so 10 it was. But really I think that the blogs I read are all excellent, otherwise I wouldn't read them, right? Right.


PLO said...

Hooray! I am so excited...this is my first award. I would like to thank the Huntley Hotties, some foxy mama named Lisa, and all the little people who made this possible! You like me, you really like me...gag me, sorry I couldn't resist...

Queen B said...

Thanks, Lisa! You just made my week!! I so enjoy your blog and that makes any praise that you send my way extra-special!! You are one funny girl. Thanks again!!

Queen Mother said...

On behalf of the Queen B and the Palace, let me include my thanks to you, Lisa. I love your post.

JanMary said...

Oh, thank you so much for the award, I am honoured.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my husband, and kids, who tolerate (just) the amount of time I spend on my laptop.

My agent, director, cast and crew, and finally, for you...oh sorry... not the Oscars.....ummm....Thanks!

Family Adventure said...

Woo-hoo! Not only are you EXCELLENT, but you are also super, duper generous with your excellence! Thank you!

Hope you're feeling better, finally. I'd love to hang out with day, maybe?


ElleBee said...

You know, just when I think my blogroll is complete, I find a few more that I absolutely HAVE TO read every day! Love yours. Cheers from a fellow Windy City girl (suburban, anyway).

Pedaling said...

great post. i had fun checking out all those fun new blogs and the bloggers that write them!

new diva on the blog said...

I can't tell you how much this means to me . I was having a particularly horrible day yesterday. Someone was very very mean to me indeed. So to know someone thinks I am excellent really made my day!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Wow! Thanks Lisa. it is nice to know I have been thought of as excellent by someone out there :) You and your blog rock! Thanks for passing on some excellence - I will certainly do the same!

Holly said...

Aw shucks! Thanks so much for your kind words. I agree with what plo said in her comment--it's my Sally Field moment.

I enjoy YOUR blog bunches!