Thursday, May 3, 2007

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I'd love to hear from you!

Email me at: lilylakemom (at) gmail (dot) com


Col said...

Hey Lisa,
thanks for the Bloggy Love! You are a wonderful friend and thank you for supporting me. Your blogs are beautifully written and I feel like I've learned more about you by reading your blogs. I look forward to reading more after I am done working of course as I have been slacking a bit today and need to get back to work. :) Can't wait to catch up. As always and this will never change; I would much rather see you in person than here in Cyberspace but love the experience and the ability to learn more, keep in touch and most of all express myself in a way never done before.

Until later,

Kris Tex said...


Congrats on the new addtion to the family? He is adorable! Is it hard to train him in the winter? Chilly potty breaks!
I had no idea what a wonderful blogger you are? What a great creative resource for you. I may just have to start creating one myself. Take Care!