Thursday, August 2, 2007

The First Post

Catchy title, huh? So I feel like this should be a deep, meaningful entry, seeing as how I am trying yet again to keep a jounal. I would need all my fingers and toes to count up how many times I've tried to keep a journl in the past. And they all end up the same...empty. I've come to the conclusion that is not actually the act of journaling that I enjoy, but rather the buying of the leather-bound, full of clean and crisp white paper, satin ribbon attached, possibilities are endless type of book one would associate with the actual act of journaling. I've got the collection to prove how many good intentions I've had to keep a journal over the course of the years. Mostly they have one or two entries, or none, and they are collecting dust or being used for scratch paper. Maybe this type of journaling will be different for me. We'll see. I wish I was one of those people who had been keeping a journal forever. But I, being one that is easily sidetracked, have not been. I regret that. What an amazing gift to leave to your kids...the real you, your history...I guess that it is never to late to start. While on my journaling soapbox I decided to purchase journals for my two older daughters. Fiona is 9 and Choppy is 8. Actually, I just could not walk by these beautiful, empty books at my local Walmart without stopping to admire them. I could not just walk by and not buy them, of course not, but I knew I would sadly not be able t0 let these journals be all they were meant to be. So, I gifted my girls with them and one day they will thank me. When they are mothers themselves and able to go back and read the trials and tribulations of their own childhood. They will thank me for the lifetime gift that is a journal. OR, at the very least they can fill up a book of clean white paper in the time it takes me drive to home from the above mentioned Walmart.

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Penless Thoughts said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment today. I came over to meet you and see that you are new to this world of blog. I trust you will be as blessed by it as I have been. It has, and is, an amazing journey for me and I know it will be for you.