Sunday, August 19, 2007

Rain, Rain Go Away...Mommy's Going Crazy Today

It has been raining here in the Midwest for 6 days. Tomorrow's forecast....RAIN.
And the week before the present 6 straight days of RAINED. And the week before RAINED.

I know this is not anything compared to those in Texas who've just gone thru a Tropical Depression and are preparing for Hurricane Dean, and I pray for all of those effected by the Hurricane as it passes thru the Carribbean and into Mexico. I have been thru a few hurricanes in my life and they are scary. Not only is the storm scary, the aftermath can be worse. No electricity, water, flooded thoughts are with the people that have to weather these big storms.

BUT, back to my rant on the RAIN. I.AM.SICK.OF.IT. Period, end. This is August, shouldn't I be complaing about the heat and the drought and my brown lawn and the power going off and loosing the stuff in my fridge and freezers?

Sadly, I have the greenest lawn on the block.
And so do all my neighbors.

Because it won't stop raining. And have I mentioned I'm just a bit crabby about it? I have pool passes to the community pool that are wasting away in the bottom of the beach bag. I have a pool in my backyard that is so full, I worried today about the back yard flooding. I have cancelled a trip to the zoo, a mini-golf outing, and I AM TIRED OF PLAYING POLLY POCKETS AND RESCUE HEROES. I want to go outside.

And perhaps the saddest thing of all...I had to wear jeans and a jacket today, because I was freezing. IN AUGUST. Whatever happened to a little global warming when you need it?

And yes, after re-reading this post I do know why my kids are world champion whiners and complainers. The apples don't fall far from the tree.

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Mary@notbefore7 said...

Please send some our way! It is FINALLY rainy here after a summer of drought and I want to run and skip in the puddles and scream, "YIPPEE"! My lawn is brown, brown, and dead.

I hear ya though - we all just want the perfect weather summer. Ours has been a drought and terribly hot. My pool passes are wasting away because in 110 degree stickiness, 3 little ones at the pool won't work!