Friday, September 21, 2007

Even Varmits Have Mothers Too

My son talks about death so matter of factly. He thinks you get old, you get wrinkles, and then BAM! your dead. He even went so far as to tell my mom one time " have wrinkles, you're gonna get dead pretty soon." Just what a card-carrying memeber of the AARP wants to hear.
And then he moves on like he was just talking about the sky being blue.

And his compassion extends into the animal world as well. We were walking home from the bus stop today and there was a small dead animal in the middle of the street. I'm being generous here, calling it an animal, seeing as how it actually was a varmit. But he was dead and so I will offer him some respect.

My son goes out into the middle of the street, leans over, and gets his nose down about an inch from this dead, flat as a pancake, varmit and says "WOW....THIS IS SO COOL!!!"

And I'm left to wonder exactly where I went wrong.

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Mary@notbefore7 said...

I'd say you've done everything right...sounds like a boy to me :)

Course, the comment to his Grandma...well, that is just funny for sure! :)