Tuesday, September 25, 2007

If I Could Just Find Diego, I'm Sure He'd Be Nice To Me

This evening, I was the punch line to everyones' jokes.

I guess the calendar said 'Pick on Mom' tonight.

I know we had leftovers for dinner and I know they are not everyone's favorite, I don't like leftover night either. But children are starving in Africa, so we MUST EAT THE LEFTOVERS!

So now, I am up in my room pouting. And sulking. And I'm not coming down until tomorrow and if anybody has anything that needed to get done tonight for tomorrow...TOO BAD.

My milk chocolate Dove bar and I are having our alone time. And after the things this family said to me tonight, it is well earned.

It started off with my daughter, the poor, deflated little dear that I so eloquently despaired over yesterday. Well, I take back everything I wrote last night...I don't care if she ever gets Ala Carte lunch again. So there!

She had a book project due this week, actually tomorrow, and so because I am the self-proclaimed Queen of Procrastination, we started it, you guessed it, tonight. The book was read, it was just the visuals that needed to get finished. And started.

So while she's running through the house gathering the props she needs she tells me she cannot find 1 youthful looking boy from our EXTENSIVE Loving Family doll house people collection. I find that hard to believe. But I am too lazy to go down in the basement and look. So I tell her to head upstairs to Gracie's room and use Diego from the Dora castle. Surely, Diego is a good choice for a prop that needs to resemble a youthful looking boy. Because he is one. So, she goes upstairs to look and comes back down empty handed. And this darn boy doll is the only thing left we need to complete this project, so needless to say I'm getting a little impatient. She says she can't find Diego. "IMPOSSIBLE!" I say. And then she says "WELL, if the house wasn't so disorganized maybe things would be were they are supposed to be."

Excuse me, little missy?

Didn't I just fill your lunch account for you? And haven't you seen my LAUNDRY ROOM???

Then later in the night, my husband K, and the above mentioned 8 year old are sitting in the living room talking and K asks her "Where do you think the computer printer should go?" And my daughter says "Back into the kitchen, but there's too much stuff in the spot where it usually sits." And then K says, "OH, you mean the middle of the living room floor is NOT where we should keep the printer?" And before I could start to protest, he goes on and asks her where she feels the best place for all my organizational bins and baskets is that I had to go out and buy but are still sitting stacked in a pile. And she started to laugh. And then he started to laugh. And they were laughing about me. And the fact that I do have about 17 different sizes of plastic bins in a pile along with new tape for my label maker and about 4 different types of cabinet organizers sitting in the middle of the living room. The irony of this is not lost on me.

And the night just got better from there.

I gave my oldest daughter a hug goodnight and when she was not 3 feet away from me she says "What is that smell?"

And she better not have been talking about me.

Because today was a stay at home day for me, hence my job title, STAY AT HOME MOM, and I don't need to shower if I am just sitting around the house all day washing their dirty clothes. Why do I need to be clean for that?
And besides, washing my hair every day strips my dye job prematurely. My colorist, who is quite well paid, told me that. And because she makes more money than I do, I believe her.

And apparently, my good hair is really all I have going for me.

And this little exchange of evening pleasantries is really what put me over the top. I was getting ready to go upstairs to shower, and K says "Aren't you even going to say good night, on this, the eve of our anniversary? Or did you forget again? I bet I didn't even get a present again this year." And so I said "I did not forget, I just think that my cooking, cleaning and finely tuned household management skills should be all the present you need."

And then he said, "Well, if you could just master at least 2 out of the 3, then you would never have to get me another thing."

HA. HA. I'm still up here in my room laughing, it was just that funny.

But I will need to come out of my room at least once before I go to bed. I'm still looking for Diego.


chickadee said...

that was so funny. and hey, i know what you mean about trying to get stuff done and people wanting to eat and have clean underwear. interruptions!
but your laundry room so inspired me that i am working on a similar project now.

Be Inspired Always said...

Getting things done is sometimes impossible. I say, enjoy the dove bars and take time out for yourself.


Jennifer said...

I'd have to say that they earned those damn leftovers. If they complain, hand your husband "The Joy of Cooking." The kids each get aprons and spoons to "help" daddy.

New Diva on the Blog said...

Man do I wish I had a Dove bar right now.

Sorry you won the let's take it out on Mommy raffle today! I think I wond that one yesterday, at least when it comes to my daughter.

It went something like "you just picked up your little girl who is 4 about to be 5 from school and this is how you are treating me. NO FOOD in the car. You are so mean!"

Today was better. Hope yours is too.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh my...this cracked me up. (I hope that is the appropriate response...ha ha) I'd like to head on over tonight. I'll bring chocolate and we can lament about the thankless job of motherhood :)

Oh, but it is your anniversary, right? Have a happy one!

Rachel Anne said...

Found you from Mary@notbefore7's site....loved this post. Oh, how I can relate. You've inspired me to keep a Dove bar hidden in my bedroom for just such moments.

Your laundry room looks awesome. Love the matching red bins!