Sunday, September 30, 2007

It Must be Sunday, cause the Jean Gods, They Were A Workin' Today

Fall is here...despite the 83 degree day here in my neck of the woods. And jeans, they are plentiful on my local shopping scene.

A couple weeks ago, I read Big Mama's fashion week post on having a good jean pool, and I must say, the woman has done her research. I mean, she knows jeans and what she didn't know, she went right out to TJ Maxx and Target and researched. That, internets, is dedication.

For instance, did you know that Seven For All Mankind jeans, could occasionally be found at TJ Maxx? I did not.

No worries though, I stopped fitting into my Seven jeans, at least 2 kids ago. And I no longer work, which means I no longer have my own money to blow, and all these people in my house, they are kinda funny about eating on a regular basis, so I have not had the pleasure of replacing them. Sadly, the pair of Seven's sit in the back of my closet as a reminder of the glory days.

Which indeed, as The Boss sings, have now passed me by.

Yes, now the biggest dilemma I face in jean buying is that age old question...Merona or Mossimo?

And today, it was all about the Mossimo. Premium Mossimo, to be exact. I know people, PREMIUM. Who Knew?

Truly now, where has Target been all my life? When I was an awkward youth shopping at Fashionation and Deb, I could have used a little Merona, or perhaps some Mossimo.

Today, I found these.

And they are perfect. With a capital P-E-R-F-E-C-T.

They are dark, which I prefer. They are bootcut, but not outrageously flared. They hit below my belly button, but the back is high enough so I will not be all hanging out like Britney. They had my size, which makes everything so much easier. And they were under $30 bucks.

That's right...two words. Denim Perfection.

I think these will turn out to be my go-to pair this fall and winter. We'll wait and see, but it's looking good friends, looking good.

Did I mention how PERFECT they fit? Thank you, thank you Oh God of All Things That Are Denim. It could have gotten really ugly in that dressing room.

Tomorrow, I will head to Old Navy, for the simple reason that I will now be wearing jeans until, probably next MAY, and I do have problems keeping up with the laundry, you know.

So, a second and third pair are definitely in order.

I'll keep you posted, 'cause I know you'll be wondering.

I should seriously be a contributing editor to In Style magazine, or maybe an assistant to Stacy London. Just wait till you all see the shoes I found. Oh, THE SHOES, people. They are worthy of their own post.


Jennifer said...

If the jeans are that perfect, why not go back to Tar-zhay and get a couple more pairs?

Lisa said...

You would think, right! But, that would be too easy. I went to 2 Tar-zhay's (thanks for the spelling...I could never figure it out!) and couldn't find my size. I need a short length and all the other pairs they had in my size were regular length. It's annoying, 'cause I'm not really that short!

Jennifer said...

You could buy the jeans and have them shortened?

Beth F. said...

I can't wait to see the shoes! The jeans are super cute, too! Great find!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Loving those jeans. I have never tried Target...hmmm...I definately love Old Navy!

Now, why don't I hit it big and fine Sevens jeans at TJ Maxx...maybe one day :)

Rachel Anne said...

See, this is just sad. I don't EVEN know what seven jeans are...what does that tell you about my style savvy?

However, I DO know Target/OldNavy/TJ Maxx. I'll keep my eyes peeled at TJMax for the sevens. Perhaps they will do wonders for my mommy butt? (I have teenagers and they let me know I have one)

Flat, with no lift.

missbecky75 said...

Ok, after reading this I headed straight to our new Target. I've always had trouble with jeans - if the waist fits the thighs are to small; if the thighs fit the waist is too big. I prefer to think that I just have really great thigh MUSCLES (even though that just isn't true). Anyway... i did FINALLY find some jeans that fit! They are the Levi Strauss New Fit mid-rise jeans. I'm so excited to have some jeans that fit. I haven't bought jeans since before all this low rise stuff came out and for the last 3 years I've been in maternity clothes or jogging pants. No more babies coming - it's time to get back to the real world!
So, now that I've blogged in your comment box, I will stop. :) Thanks for directing me to Target... I mean Tar-zhay!