Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oh, the randomness of a Thursday

The Wii has arrived. I repeat...the Wii has arrived.

Yes indeed, the Wii has made its three day priority mail way to our house, and we now hold it in our hot little hands.

And to add insult to injury, the conscientious eBay seller was kind enough to include the original receipt with it. A receipt that shows he paid about two hundred dollars less for it than we paid him.


In other news, I went out Christmas shopping today. And I came home empty handed. Well, that's not entirely true, I came home with things in my hands for me.

I have been eyeing these at Kohl's for some time now.

They are sheets for my bed. And yes, they are a brown zebra print.

But they are sassy, people.

I am not a huge animal print fan. I like an accent here and there. Just to keep up with the trends, 'cause you know I'm nothing if not trendy. And sassy.

I like these towels from the Pottery Barn. But really, what don't I like from the Pottery Barn?

These are some cute towels. Of course, I do not own these towels. Because anything that is described as plush or jacquard woven or as having Turkish cotton in a 600 gram weight, whatever that means, I do not own.

Because my towels have been used by the kids to clean off the slide when it rains. Or by my husband to dry his wave runner. Or lain on the bed so the vomit from a sick kid doesn't get on the sheets. Because good Lord, I have enough laundry to do.

And also, my people seem to be too good to use a mere rag for any of their jacquard woven, combed cotton needs. So that is why I do not own these pretty towels. But I would. I so would buy them if I knew they would not end up drying a freshly washed Yamaha.

So remember, the important lesson here is less is more when it comes to decorating with animal prints.

Think a throw pillow, a towel, something small and you know, accenty.

Not this

Please not that.
Because remember, what goes in style, must go out of style.

Remember the palm tree craze from a few years ago?

It's over.

Moving on, I'm thinking of switching the blog to Wordpress. I'm having blogger issues. With uploading photos. And spacing. You know I need to hit return every 2 or 3 sentences. Apparently, blogger hates this. And is making it kind of a pain for me to space my own blog as I see fit.

The problem is, I have been testing out the Wordpress blogs. And it's a little more complicated than blogger. And even though I have nothing else to do but sit around and test posts on Wordpress, I'm not sure I can get it figured out.

On Monday, December 17, I am participating in Boomama's Christmas Tour of Homes. See the button on my sidebar if you want more info. But basically, after I'm done decorating the house for the holidays, I'll take some photos, hook up with Boo's Mr. Linky, and presto! You all get to come on in for a little tour. I'll even show you my animal print accents. And I'll try not to capture the naked people that live behind me in any of the pictures.

And since I'm inviting you all in, how about inviting me over as well? I know Jul, my friend and fellow Boomama follower is participating, but how about some of you people out there that I know have fantastic houses? I'd love the chance to ooh and ahh over your decorations.

Well, that about covers all of the random thoughts I've got going on for today. Oh, one more thing. In addition to figuring out how to use my sitemeter thingy, which provides some interesting information, I might say, I have now figured out the whole Technorati thing. Because like I mentioned, I really don't have a lot going on which leaves lots of free time to spend on my laptop all day.

Anyway, now I realize that there are people out there linking to my blog that have never even commented. Or said hello. And now I know who you are. But keep lurking, I don't mind. Or say Hi. I don't bite.

I'm just a little sassy.


Ann said...

It's been a while since I came by for a visit...I've missed your fun take on things....I need to come back when I have more time.
I'll "see" you later!!!

Family Adventure said...

You crack me up, Lisa! Love the sassy. And the dash of animal print. Notice I said *dash*.

I've no idea what Technorati is or how it works...

And can I just say that your posts sound 100% lighter now. I'm lovin' it!


Martha said...

Oh gosh. Are we on the same wavelength or WHAT? I was just looking at some Cheetah print chandelier shades for my dining room chandelier!! For that HINT of Sass while I'm eating fish sticks! Because I've still got it......sass, that is. And a big pimple by my nose. But that's beside the point, right?

Ooo! I can't wait to see your pretty house on that tour!

What exactly is Technorati? I've been afraid to click on that.

But you know how I'm addicted to blogs? NOW I'm even worse with site meter....oh yes I am! Love that thing.


ValleyGirl said...

LOVE the sassy sheets!!! Hubby would go berserk and pretend they were giving him seizures, but I think they're awesome. But yeah, not a whole room-full -- that just looks like some carnivorous beast barfed up a herd of zebra.

Have you given Typepad a test-drive? I don't know how it compares to WordPress or Blogger, but it's another option. I have those spacing issues with Blogger too, but if you understand a little bit about HTML coding, it's quite easy to fix it.

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Sassy, thy name is animal print sheets.

and Lisa @ Take 90 West.

Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

Oh, so much to talk about in that post! ;)

I'm with you on the zebra bed - waaaayyyyy too much! AaaahhhhhhH! Scary a bit.

I think you should purchase 1 towel. Just One. Inform everyone that it is your special towel only for you and no one is to touch it (Not even the hubs-man!) Get the one that has all the great descriptions: plush, jacquard woven, and Turkish (if it exists, I don't know, 'cause I don't know what all that stuff is either!) But I do think you should get one for yourself. You deserve it - your raising 4 kids for goodness sake! That's enough for anyone to need a shower and if you're like me you don't get one every day so that's a treat in itself. ;)

I'm doing the Christmas tour of homes, too. Hopefully that will go well.

I, too, have been eyeing Wordpress and am a little intimidated. Let me know how it goes...

Ok, are you following me? Because this past week I've been trying to figure out the whole Technorati thing as well.

And for the new people that haven't commented before, beware, Lisa just might bite! Just kidding. I started harassing her because of her beautiful laundry room and she's very nice (and sassy). :)


Julie said...

Hi Lisa,
I saw your comment over at Kelly's (Love Well) and HAD to meet the woman who wears no socks. LOL

(1) I'm doing the Boomama tour, too!
(2) We got a Wii months ago - at Sam's Club, and additional controls via e-Bay. Shhhh!
(3) I'm thinking if I did the animal print sheets I'd fall out of the bed from dizziness. But that's just me. I think I'm sassy enough without 'em.

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

Congrats on the Wii. I may just boycott it after all the hassle. See, when something is that hot, and hard to get, out of spite, I don't want it. I hate to cave in to all those crazy people on ebay making a huge profit. My kids just might have to make do with their ancient, boring, three-year-old Gamecube.

Love the sass. Bring it on sista.

Lynette said...

You are hilarious! I will be coming back for more - that's for sure!

Jul said...

Lis- you've come a long way to become so internet savvy- gets me a little choked up actually!

Queen B said...

Oh, the Wii. Let me give you a warning: I have pulled a shoulder muscle and a hamstring because of the Wii. I suggest a lot of stretching before game play. Also, don't dare be caught boxing by anyone other than your immediate family. It is really embarrassing. Not that I speak from experience. There is certainly no video of anyone I know floating around or anything...

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

Just popping in to say I'll be doing BooMama's home tour, too. I did it last year and it was lots of fun. PS - Love those sheets!

Darcy said...

I wonder if I gave my hubby a choice between animal print sheets or flowery shabby chic sheets which ones he'd choose to put up with!

Glad to hear the Wii arrived. What a nice seller to include that receipt for ya. :) I am thinking of shelling out the dough for the Pottery Barn Kids kitchen for my girls this year. Not the retro one....just the original classic. This is the 3rd year I've been contemplating it. Ava has given me the excuse to take the plunge since it will get played with for YEARS. This is what I keep telling my hubby! :) Why does all of that Pottery Barn stuff have to be so tempting?!

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Sassy, the animal print bed belongs in the Jungle Room at Graceland. And that is NOT a good thing.

I love the cheetah print towels. I don't care if my kids puke on them. Don't I care enough to let them puke on the very best? So maybe I'll get some of them towels.

Stacie said...

oh, those are nice.

Pedaling said...

love the sheets! who knows maybe the animal inside will come out a roarin' tonight.

i'm thinking of doing the home Christmas tour, too.

can't wait to see all the fun christmas decorations and all.

Annie said...

I'm glad you've go technorati figured out, I don't even want to attempt it! I'm still working on html. Oh, well, I can dream, can't I! The zebra sheets are cool.

SnapHappyInkyMomma said...

LOVE those sheets! Enjoy!

Pedaling said...

i love it that i have someone who shares my survivior obsession - too bad we aren't watching it together - its harmless fun, don't ya think.
i think i'm rooting for Todd, now, i guess.

FernandoDownUnder said...

I'm also a huge fan of animal prints as ACCENTS! :) I must admit that a few years ago (Okay 10) I owned a pair of leopard print pajama pants with a matching tank top that I wore. A LOT. I also owned a leopard print fold out chair thingey. CLASS-Y.

BTW, I would love to participate in the tour of homes, but we aren't decorating bc we'll be on a tropical island for 3 weeks. It's okay to hate me. :)

Anonymous said...

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