Friday, December 7, 2007

An Impassioned Plea

Tomorrow is Saturday, December 8th.


The Day Miley Cyrus will be in concert at the All State Arena and Fiona and Choppy will not be there because their mother sucks.

And I do. I really, really do.

I feel like I am depriving my children of the chance to see the Beatles. Or Elvis. Or my personal preference, Tim McGraw. Whom they have totally already seen. Because when someone I LOVE comes to town, I make sure that I have tickets.

But for Miley/Hannah...I tried. I really, really tried. I hopped online, only to be stuck indefinitely in the online waiting room that is Ticketmasterdotcom. I even tried to get the tickets the old fashioned way. I programmed the TM number into the phone and hit redial 14,946 times.

I called a local radio station to try and win the tickets. And when it was 1991 and I needed to get through to a station to request a certain song I needed to record off of the radio for a mix tape I was making, I never had a problem getting thru.

But now? Not so much.

Apparently, every other sucky mother out there had also honed her radio station speed dialing skills in the early nineties.

So my plea is this. If you had a spare ticket or three to the EVENT OF THE YEAR, would you consider me?

If your neighbors brother-in-law knows the guy who plays poker every Saturday night with another guy who supplies the nachos to the arena and could possible get us in during a covert nacho delivery mission, I'd be forever in your debt.

Or perhaps your sister has a great hairdresser who is divorced from a loser whose mother has a third cousin whose son's girlfriend just happens to be an usher at the venue in question and could possibly get us some spare tickets, I would really owe you big time.

Or even if you went to college with a cute tri-Delt who moved to LA and married a guy who ended up being, say, Miley Cyrus' manager, or publicist, or bus driver, for pete sakes, maybe now would be a good time to call her up and remember the good ol' days?

And maybe during your trip down memory lane with the tri-Delt you could casually mention this blogger that you know who could desperately use 3 tickets to see Miss Hannah/Miley in concert.

And then I wouldn't be the sucky mom with the slow trigger on the redial button, I'd be the really cool mom with the best bloggy readers in the whole wide world.

And to pay you back for this once in a lifetime chance to see Hannah Montana I'd even make a mix tape for you. So really, it's a win/win situation.


Family Adventure said...

As much as I would love for your kids to know how cool of a mom you really's a long way to Norway, baby. We don't even *know* Hannah Montana here.

Sorry -- hopefully you have cooler bloggy friends elsewhere.


Martha said...


I wish my brother - who is a security person for a very wealthy and successful man who is married to a retired hairdresser that can get tickets to anything - could get you tickets.


ValleyGirl said...

Oh sure, put the responsibility on us now! Boy, I'm so out of the loop -- I read about a Miley/Hannah concert on Queen B's blog and had to go to the official website because I'd NEVER HEARD OF HER!!! And that's not even because I'm a Canadian eskimo, it's simply because my kids are too young to know about her. Thank goodness.

Good luck scoring some tix.

Queen B said...

Oh my. I totally feel your pain. Let me tell you, the lady who sat by us had called the arena the week of the concert and got tickets. You might try calling TM and the location of the concert again. Apparently they "release" tickets right before the event sometimes (aka after the hoopla has died down). The concert was good, but it could never have met the expectation of my daughter's imagination. Good luck!!

Jess said...

If you were in Ohio, I could possibly help you out. I just received an email from a friend of a friend who's daughter went online and bought 4 tickets on TM. First problem was that she did not have permission to do so. Second problem is she bought 4 tickets. Third problem is that the 4 tickets she thought she bought for $275 were actually $275 EACH. That makes for one unhappy mom and a pre-teen girl who is not going to the concert. I said, I could pass 4 tickets on to you in Columbus, OH, but they would be pricey. Way too expensive for my budget, that's for sure.

Hope you somehow get some tickets!


Stie: My Favorite Things said...

I have kept all such things hidden from my children. Not hard considering my boys really don't give a hoot and my daughter is too young to know about it yet.

Have you tried any of the brokers (read scalpers)? You'll pay a ton, but I can always get good broadway tickets that way last minute. Might be worth it?

Staciesmadness said...

awe, you poor thing.

I am of no help, but keep this on the downlow, I have managed to keep that Hannah was even CLOSE our vicinity. I would hate for my 7 year old to hear that. ;)

Casdok said...

Oh dear.

Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

Oh, man. I have some fun stuff to look forward to, don't I? We're not into all that yet. Hopefully we'll just keep that part of the world a secret, better yet, I'll just hope boys don't care! :)

Sorry, can't help ya girl! Keep pushin' redial! Good luck!

SnapHappyInkyMomma said...

Guess I shouldn't admit that I joined the Miley Cyrus fan club the night before the presale tix went onsale .. . and got 4 tickets at 10:02 a.m. the next morning . . .

Mrs. Troop said...

So sorry - but you know, they will survive. Promise.
I posted the chicken and rice recipe for you.

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

I can't tell you how much I sympathize. I'm so glad she isn't performing in our town.

Jul said...

It's funny as much as RaRa is all about Hannah she never said a word about going to the concert- she mentioned the 3D movie version to get tickets for :) They will still love you though you failed horribly in this teensy of tasks to get a few tickets to their fav pop star ;)

Annie said...

You get all of my sympathy ;D
My 9-year old daughter thought I might seriously consider paying $600/ticket to see HM in Kansas City. WHAT was she thinking? Then my friend aimlyss sends pictures of her girls who got back stage passes and met Miley Cyrus. My girl was green with envy. Oh, well.

chickadee said...

loving your new blog template!

Jul said...

"Hannah Montana has extended leg of the tour in Detroit on Jan. 11 and will wrap in Miami on Jan. 31. Tickets for the new gigs go on sale beginning this Saturday"

Get on that phone early Saturday!
RaRa and I are doing the 3D movie in Feb :)