Monday, December 10, 2007

Yes, You are in the right place!

It's still me!

I have been wanting to spiffy it up a bit here at the old blawg, and this weekend I had the pleasure of working with Jennisa at Jennisa's Bloggie Designs.

I am so lucky to have found her! She is super reasonably priced, she is super quick, and she is super flexible. Can you tell I think she is super?

It can't be easy working with people you don't know over the internet, especially people like me. I emailed her with requests like "Can you darken the ink?" Or "The font is not quite right." And of course, "I know I told you to keep it simple, but can you add another pattern in?"

I believe my indecisiveness is well documented in this blog.

If you are thinking of a something different for your own blog, check out Jennisa!

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Family Adventure said...

The new design rocks! I love it :)


Martha said...

Sooooo Cool!!!!

Looks great, Lisa! I've always wanted to do something like this. How did you come up with the colors and patterns and everything?


ValleyGirl said...

Looks very spiffy, Lisa!! I like it!

Queen B said...

It looks great!!

Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

Super! Love the signature, too!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Beautiful design, Lisa, but ... I can't read the text very well since the font color is too similar to the background. Maybe it's just me? I use Firefox.

Holly said...

Love your new blog do! Nifty!

Hope your girls are speaking to you again. :)

Stacie said...

it looks great!!!!

Jul said...

Love-love-love it!!

chickadee said...

i have to agree with kelly. the brown on brown text is hard to read. your links are easy to read though.

Lisa@Take90West said...


Thank you Kelly and Chickadee!
I use IE and just looked at the blog on firefox and it looks HORRIBLE! It is totally missing the middle column!

And I have no idea what to do about it!

Thanks for letting me know!

Beth F. said...

Wow - your blog looks wonderful! the bloggy world needs a good designer like yours, I will definitely be checking her out! In the meantime, I'll just stare at your blog!

And I use firefox and noticed the column missing, as well. But I'll take a peek over at ie to get a better preview!

kari said...

I love the new look of your blog...very cool and sophisticated.

Kellan said...

Your new design looks great! I am fixing to change mine too. Have a good evening. kellan

PLO said...

You are so classy. Look how loverly your blog looks! Any luck on those Hannah tickets?

SnapHappyInkyMomma said...

Love the new look.

I was going to mention the brown on brown . . . but looks like you took care of it this evening!