Thursday, January 10, 2008

What is it about Thursdays that have me full of so much randomness?

Hey all. It seems as though my new pup took over the posting for a couple of days this week. I tell ya, that dog, she can get away with just about anything.

Yes it's true, we bought a new puppy because it seems as though all my talk of wanting another baby, or two, put the fear of God himself into my husband, so he is hoping this new little yellow lab will distract me. And, it is working. She's a keeper.

Just wanted to pop in to say Hi to you all. I'm having a busy week here in the land of 90 West. Various projects have been started around the house, but thanks to the newest arrival, they are not getting finished in a very timely fashion.

I also have been practicing a little bit of my HTML skills. Actually, not skills. No where close to skills. More like I've been limping along in the world of HTML like a 90 year old woman with a walker who is in desperate need of a double hip replacement.

Yes, it has been going that slow.

A while ago, I applied for a BlogHer ad, and Oh! The Luck! It finally came through. So in much anticipation of at least $26 rolling in this year, I decided I should optimize my sidebar/ outer/inner/wrapper/background/widget/header/footer/ WHATEVER/space. Because I'm real technical like that. And have lots of time to waste teaching myself HTML. Or XML as I think it might now be called in this new age of web design. Really, I have no idea. But I think frustrating might be just the right word for it.

I had naive thoughts that a three column blogger template would look so much better with a BlogHer ad. And it probably will. If I can ever get it done. I'm tinkering around with it every day. But in small doses. And slowly, it's getting there. As slowly as a ninety-year old with a walker and bad hips.

You don't really care though, do you? And I don't blame you, 'cause right now, I'm not caring all that much either.

Remember a while back I complained about my kids and the Webkinz and how I couldn't get near the computer during their winter break? I was afraid Nicole Richie would spit out her tattooed baby and I'd miss the live birth on Peopledotcom? My friend, Leslie, swears she is still pregnant. And relief washes over me.

However, if it weren't for World News Tonight, I would've totally missed the fact that Miss Jamie Lynn Spears is with child. Imagine, having to rely on a reputable news outlet for Ok! caliber news! I just had that gut feeling I was missing something good. And then, the soon to be Aunt Britney goes and gets herself put in a 72 hour MENTAL LOCK DOWN and I missed the live feed of it all going down because of Webkinzpalooza on every computer I own.

I may just have to sign up for Peopledotcom alerts sent directly to my cell phone. Because I NEED TO KNOW THESE THINGS PEOPLE!

Dang Webkinz.

They are just like the Beanie Babies. In a year or two I will be THROWING THEM AWAY.

I hope.

But I bet Peopledotcom will still be around. Because I know staying power when I see it.

And, I was totally wrong about the whole "here today, gone tomorrow" internet thing.

Continuing on with the randomness.

I should thank you all for the wonderful words of encouragement and support you sent my way after my post last Friday about wishing for simplicity. It truly is encouraging to know that I am not alone in my struggles. It was amazing to me that we all seem to share a common bond of needing to slow down and simplify the craziness that is life these days.

Have I mentioned I heart bloggers? Y'all are a great community of support. And, you people make me laugh. I love to laugh.

I plan to be laughing alot this Friday night. I'm getting together with the Gang, and it promises to be a night filled with chips, salsa and margaritas.

Life is pretty good right now in my neck of the woods, and I hope it is in yours as well.

Speaking of good, my friend Kelly finally had her beautiful little Sparkles yesterday. And Jen? She's lost 15 pounds! I know! 15! Oh my! Heidi lived out my dream of going back to bed this week, and my mom-I-wanna-be-when-I-grow-up-idol, the gorgeous Pedaling, started a new diet blog. I know! Like she needs it! Oh, and Beth??? The girl is having Twins! I know! Twins! How cool is that? I want twins.

Oops. I better go pet my puppy.

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Sue said...

I am hoping the Webkinz have all been destroyed by the time my girls are old enough to figure out what they are.

Family Adventure said...

Lisa, you take randomness to a whole other level :)

Have a great time tomorrow!


Martha said...


I LOVE your randomness!

I saw an HTML For Dummies book at the bookstore. I was too much of a dummy to buy it.

Oh my gosh, Lisa! You JUST found out about Jamie Lynn?? That's sad.

And I just want to tell you that you've been a MAJOR contributor to my blogging addiction. Which would make you a blog-dealer. Mmmhmmm. I checked out most of the blogs in this post and I LOVE them.
Of course, I love yours BEST.

ValleyGirl said...

You're too funny, Lisa! I love your rambling randomness!! Good luck figuring out the HTML/XHTML stuff!!

Jul said...

I so agree about Peopledotcom- cannot start my workday without knowing what is going on in Hollywood! Looking forward to dropping in for the chips, salsa and a few beers Friday night :)

new diva on the blog said...

What was that you were saying about simplicity. A new dog, wanting more babies, and enough techno babble to make my head spin! I think maybe you missed the essential meaning of the word simple. ;)!

Amy said...

Thank you for the insight to the webkinz phenomenom. My D-Man (2.5 yrs) got his 1st one for Christmas and I have yet to do anything with it for fear of it growing 80 fold and taking over our home!

Chrissy said...

You are right on the mark about the webkinz/beanie babies connection. My daughter got one for her birthday, but thankfully can't seem to get the swing of the website. It is a little odd, though, that little children should be buying flooring and wallpaper for a dog. Strange.

PLO said...

I know that damn html stuff is so interesting, but complicated! You are smart, you will figure it out! I can't wait to see you Friday!!!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I adore your puppy. I love your randomness.

And seriously?!? You JUST found out about Jamie Lynn Spears being with child? Because I don't even read, yet I knew this last week.

That's bad, my friend. Really bad.

(Thanks for the shout-out, by the way. You always make me smile. Just like your puppy did yesterday when I was in labor. ... No really. I'm serious.)

chickadee said...

i know you can figure out the blog design stuff. you're smart like that. however, it does take hours of concentration. do it while the kids are at school. if you have any questions (there's a small chance i could help) email me.

SnapHappyInkyMomma said...

Still pregnant . . .

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

We're suffering from Webkinzitis over here too. We may have to get another computer just so that the adults can actually get our blog fixes.

Oh, and it's now 16 pounds, thank you very much.

SnapHappyInkyMomma said...

Hey, Lisa -- just thought I'd let you know that Nicole Ritchie just had her baby!

Didn't I promise to let you know?????